An album is a collection of songs that are released by an artist as a package. All of the songs adhere to a cohesive theme and style and are often representative of a particular period of time in the artist's life or musical journey.

My Story by T Stackz
T Stackz My Story Listen Now
Dotted Line by VO!D
VO!D Dotted Line Listen Now
Twisted Ways by Sam Hepworth
Sam Hepworth Twisted Ways Listen Now
Wondrous Age by Geoff Gill
Geoff Gill Wondrous Age Listen Now
Trapped by Temperium
Temperium Trapped Listen Now
Follow Me (Celebrate) by Jack Gill and The Overlook
Jack Gill and The Overlook Follow Me (Celebrate) Listen Now
I Want It All by Jack Gill and The Overlook
Jack Gill and The Overlook I Want It All Listen Now
Ballad Of A 90s Kid by Jack Gill and The Overlook
Jack Gill and The Overlook Ballad Of A 90s Kid Listen Now
Sky High by Jack Gill
Jack Gill Sky High Listen Now
With Me by Jack Gill
Jack Gill With Me Listen Now
Take You Away by Sam Hepworth
Sam Hepworth Take You Away Listen Now
Lockdown Meltdown by Sam Hepworth
Sam Hepworth Lockdown Meltdown Listen Now
The Man Who Has It All by Ethan Pagan
Ethan Pagan The Man Who Has It All Listen Now
Wonderful Place by Alan Jacob
Alan Jacob Wonderful Place Listen Now
Moonchild by Jack Gill and The Overlook
Jack Gill and The Overlook Moonchild Listen Now
Holding On Tight by Live Transmission
Live Transmission Holding On Tight Listen Now
You Are The One by Sam Roberts
Sam Roberts You Are The One Listen Now
Tall by OnTick
OnTick Tall Listen Now
National T.V. by Sam Roberts
Sam Roberts National T.V. Listen Now
Love Me Like I
Nikita Lacey Love Me Like I'm Last Listen Now
Nevermore by Temperium
Temperium Nevermore Listen Now

The Benefits of Recording an Album

Increased revenue

Releasing an album can increase sales, resulting in increased revenue for the artist.

Growing a fan base

An album can help to grow an artist's fan base and increase their popularity.

Generating hype

Releasing an album can create hype and get people talking about the artist and their music.

Higher streaming numbers

With more people listening to an album, streaming numbers can increase significantly, which can help boost an artist's profile.

Improved visibility

Releasing an album can help increase visibility for the artist and the music, allowing for increased exposure to new audiences.

Promotional opportunities

Releasing an album can provide promotional opportunities for the artist, such as live performances and interviews.

How Does Recording an Album Work?


  1. Determine the best approach for recording
  2. Develop guides tracks if necessary
  3. Lay out a plan and deadline for completion


  1. Capture all of the instruments
  2. Performances may be recorded live or layered


  1. Mixing the recorded instruments and tracks
  2. Revising the mix based on artist feedback
  3. Mastering all the songs when ready
  4. Exporting the songs and delivering adhering to industry standards

Why Record at Garage Studios

Flexible Hours

Our hours are flexible so we can get you booked in at a time that fits your schedule.

Competitive pricing

Our pricing is highly competitive with other recording studios, giving you high quality at lower prices.

Relaxed atmosphere

We maintain a relaxed yet professional atmosphere so you can produce your best work.

Attention to detail

We have a high standard for attention to detail, giving you as much value as possible for your money.

Release Event

Garage Studios also offer to set up a complementary release event via Tiny Mammoth as a way to get your music heard.


We aim to have a song produced in 2 days: Typically day 1 is spent tracking all instruments, and day 2 is spent recording vocals and carrying out the bulk of the mixing.

Garage Studios has a variety of professional recording equipment which is perfect for recording demos or full productions.

You can bring any additional musicians for your project. For an additional cost, we can bring in some of our experienced session musicians.

We can be as creatively involved as you wish. If you would like advice on composition or arrangement, and other creative suggestions, we're happy to support. Or if you're already happy with your song and are simply wishing to get it recorded, we will focus on engineering and recording.

We provide a Double-Single package, EP Package and an Album Package. Each package becomes better value for money.


Amazing studio, Sam is an amazing producer and great to work with! Quick and efficient, recorded two tracks and can’t wait to record more! Fun experience and I felt very welcomed recording and spending days in the garage studios! Definitely recommend :)

Fiona Lennon

I have recorded drums at Sam Hepworth's studio several times and each time I have been impressed by his professionalism. Sam makes you feel completely at ease, and with his expertise, work get gets done very efficiently. This is obviously very important while recording as you want to get several good takes to make sure every base is covered but without taking up excessive time. Sam has great prices and works to an excellent turn around time scale. Highly recommended!

Christabel Young

Great place to work, good gear and a producer that gets the best out of you!

Owen Egan

Nice studio to work in and great results after recording four songs with Sam, more than happy with final product.

Jack Gill

Very talented guy, professional, able to work with few details, can record guitars, bass and drums.

Reginaldo Sequeira

Top service. Sam the engineer is very knowledgeable and has some great ideas. Would definitely recommend!

Jay Sweeney

Great studio, would recommend!

Sean Burns

Great studio space, perfect for everyone who needs to record their tracks!

Ben Voiels

Album Price

£ 2000
  • For Ten Songs:
  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Up to 10 revisions per song
  • Mastering
  • Ready to release

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